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To contact the Helpdesk please send an email to: Helpdesk, if it is an emergency call ext. 2140.

IT Staff

Did you know that the Appleton Area School District currently has:

96 Servers 13,585 User Accounts
15,096 Students 1,700 Staff Members
4,930 Computers 1,775 Telephones
314 Network Printers 140 Stand-Alone Printers

You're probably wondering - "Who are those people who keep all of the computers, printers, and programs working?" Welcome to the AASD IT Team! Although we consider ourselves one big team, they are separated below - one group is the Programming Team and the other is the Technical/Break-Fix Team.

Jim Hawbaker - Director of Technology

Phone: 920-993-7062 ext 2127


Duane Dubey - As the Database Manager, he is in charge of scripting, policies, EDS, MAPS, Chancery, eSembler, and much more.

Dan Storch - Main responsibilities include programming and database support for Chancery and eSembler. He creates many reports and programs for administration and staff including report cards and transcripts. He is also responsible for the Parent Portal, State Reporting and scripting.

Lee Vang - His main priority is programming. His responsibilities include FDS, Wellness Tracker, Rezervsys, and nightly data synchronization processes between databases

Ruth Danfield - The bridge between IT and the schools when it comes to the Student Information System. In addition to working at IT, she also works in Transportation. She is in charge of Chancery, Open Enrollment (both In-District and Out-of-District), enrollment projections, state tuition report to DPI, 2nd & 3rd Friday counts, transportation report to DPI, Chancery support, attendance and enrollment procedures, documentation and coordination.

Lynn Streubel - Main responsibilities are the update and additions to the district website and SharePoint. Lynn also programs and maintains the Mitel phone system and voicemail.

Amber Eisenschink -

This side of the team makes sure the computers, printers, phones and software are running smoothly.

Brent Braun - Main responsibilities are WebSense and the network. When you go to a website and it's blocked, Brent is the technician who will look into that website to see if it can be unblocked. He is also in charge of computer security, making sure no one is hacking into our system.

Bryan Durkee - Network Administrator - responsible for server deployment and maintenance, overall integrity of the network, security, and ensuring that the network connectivity meets the needs of the district.

Adam Hanson - Handles the majority of the special software installs in the district. He also is in charge of the computer inventory, middle school F/CE labs and high school foreign language labs.

Keith Juliar - Main responsibility is installing wireless access points across the district and supporting the equipment within the wireless network. He is also responsible for helping with computer and phone repair activity as needed.

Fawn Tauber - I'm sure everyone thinks my last name is Helpdesk, but it really is Tauber. I take care of the Helpdesk duties. Like the rest of the staff, this position has many different duties that include answering all of the emails and phone calls that come in. I also set up and maintain staff, student and sub accounts.