American Education Week

AEW 2015 

In the Appleton Area School District, American Education Week 2015 was a resounding success!

Throughout the week there was opportunities for student-run tours, family and cultural events, musical performances, and more. Our students and staff encouraged neighbors and the communities to check out their public schools, to engage with them in the classroom, to participate in roundtable discussions, and to celebrate the support for our public schools with an applause heard ‘round the Valley!

It’s easy to be enthusiastic and proud when you are in the public education environment every day. Take a look at the comments below from community members on their experiences in our first “Team Up with a Teacher” exercise

“Thank you for letting me co-teach with you this week at Appleton’s Classical School! Your 4th graders are so smart, creative and enthusiastic. You are making an incredible impact on these young lives. I’m in awe of your relationship with these children and your command of the classroom. You’ve created a warm, nurturing yet disciplined learning environment. What an incredible asset you are to these kids, their families and the AASD.
It was fun doing the advertising activity we shaped together and I hope we get some future marketers out of the class! I didn’t get nearly the reception back at the office that I did from your class. What a wonderful world you live in every day!”
 -- Jean Van Den Brandt, Vice President - Marketing, Secura

“This morning, I visited a Life Skills class at North, taught jointly by Ginger Sturdivant and Kathy Devereaux. The class pairs intellectually challenged students with  North seniors who take the class as an elective. I can certainly appreciate the dedication and patience of Ginger and Kathy as they worked through a lesson plan that would be considered basic for most, but was actually challenging for many of the students in this class.
It was an eye-opening and rewarding experience, and I’m glad to know that the AASD is working hard to improve the lives of those kids that need some special attention. Thanks for the opportunity!”
 -- Jeffrey J. Werner, First Vice President - Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors

“Recently, I was asked to speak at a life skills class at Appleton East High School. The class was made up of students with cognitive disabilities paired with students as mentors who may or may not have interest in the healthcare field.
My role for the day was to observe the class and then talk about being a leader. Being honest, I wondered how I could share this message with young men and women who had these unique challenges they faced every day. I think the lesson here ended up being all mine. I had my list prepared, but these students did the demonstrating.”
Read more from Sharon Hulce, Community Columnist

Our Fox Valley community members weren’t the only ones who saw the impact of both American Education Week and “Team Up with a Teacher”

“On behalf of myself and students, thank you for the opportunity to have a community member volunteer their time and efforts to work with my students. As always, I welcome anyone who wants to participate in the project and see why it is important to carry on for the future of the trades and homeowner education alike.”
 -- Marcus McGuire, AASD Technology Education Teacher & School Build Instructor

“We had a wonderful time with our community partner! She was very impressed by what she saw this morning, and commented throughout her time about the wonderful opportunities that the students had throughout the activity that we did together. When she talked with the students at the end, she reinforced the different skills that she observed and participated in with the students – working together, creating a mind map of a book students were reading, sharing out their learning, transitioning from one activity to the next – as skills needed as they grow and transition to the workplace. I enjoyed this opportunity, and hope that we can continue this activity in the years to come!”
 -- Karen Hoppe, Grade 4 Teacher at Highlands

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