1st Grade


Field Trips
*Science/Pebbles, Sand & Silt Bubolz Nature Preserve    Foss Connection: Dig, weigh, measure and explore local soils through a variety of active, outdoor learning stations; scavenger hunt.

* Science/Environment *** Heckrodt Wetland Reserve The World Beneath Your Feet: Find out what makes up the soil and some of the squirmy, slimy, wiggly critters that live in the soil. Learn about mammals that make dens or burrows in the soil! A digging good time! AASD Science Standards.

*Science/Environment *** Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Seeds on the Move: Explore the world of seeds by taking a seed hike, participate in a seed scavenger hunt, as well as hands-on plant and seed stations. (Offered September - mid-October only) AASD Science Standards.

Social Studies The Building for Kids Where in the World? This fun introduction to geography has students exploring continents, landforms, products, animals and landmarks. Students create an oversized map of the world to take back to their classroom.

Soils, Rocks, Minerals Weis Earth Science Museum Science Stan. E4 - Properties of Earth Materials: Go on a pretend picnic and a make-believe mammoth hunt to learn about rocks and minerals.

Communication Arts Appleton Public Library I Can Use the Library: Students tour the library then do a scavenger hunt using the knowledge they have gained from the tour. Available September through March. Admission is free.

Communication Arts Appleton Public Library First Grade Celebrate: Students celebrate learning how to read during first grade. Available April and May. Admission is free.

 * Indicates AASD recommendation due to strong curricular links.
*** Adjacent field trips are suggested as a combination trip.