3rd Grade


Field Trips
*Earth Structure, Resources *** Weis Earth Science Museum Science Stan. E4 - Properties of Earth Materials: Make an earthquake, blast quarry rock, move continents and work with the water cycle to learn more about how the Earth works.

Visual Art/Earth Materials *** Bergstrom - Mahler Museum Adventures in Glass: Explore how art and science connect through raw materials of glass making and visit our temporary exhibit. Admission is free.

Science/Earth materials Bubolz Nature Preserve Students observe characteristics of rocks and minerals at the Preserve by conducting field experiments and by visiting geological sites on the property.

Science/Structures of Life Bubolz Nature Preserve Students observe, compare and categorize organisms while at the Preserve. They also learn how to identify plants and animals and sort them into families based on observations.

Science/Environment Heckrodt Wetland Reserve The World Beneath Your Feet: Find out what makes up the soil and some of the squirmy, slimy, wiggle critters that live in the soil. Learn about mammals that make dens or burrows in the soil! A digging good time!

Science/Environment Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Discover Wetlands! Learn about the importance, values, and functions of wetlands through hands-on learning. Reading skills required.

Social Studies The Building for Kids Where in the World? This fun introduction to geography has students exploring continents, landforms, products, animals and landmarks. Students create an oversized map of the world to take back to their classrooms.

English Language Arts Appleton Public Library Book Character Bash: Students learn about new series they may be interested in reading. Admission is free.


In-Class Program Opportunities
*History Heritage Hill State Park

A Pilgrim's Voyage: The year is 1627 and the location is Plimoth Colony, in the New World. Our English Pilgrim colonist, in period dialect and historic clothing, will share her experiences on the Mayflower, including the hardships and challenges of everyday life in the New World. Brochure

 * Indicates AASD recommendation due to strong curricular links.
*** Adjacent field trips are suggested as a combination trip.