4th Grade


Field Trips
*Wisconsin History/ Science & Math **** Paper Discovery Center Connects the history of Wisconsin and Papermaking, energy & its use in papermaking, hands-on science session for electricity.

*Science/History **** Hearthstone Museum Science, Stan H: Magnets and Electricity; Inventions - Hands-on exhibit, tour focusing on the paper industry, hydro-electricity and the impact on Appleton throughout the years. (Traveling trunks also available)

*Science/Math/ Technology/Engineering FAB LAB at Fox Valley Technical College The ultimate fieldtrip that extends what students are learning in their science and math courses into a hands on learning experience in the fabrication lab at FVTC. Students research, develop, design, and actually fabricate their own inventions for the Ideas and Inventions science unit. Imagine the excitement as your students' own ideas become reality!

*Science/Math/ Technology/Engineering FAB LAB at Fox Valley Technical College In connection with the Magnetism and Electricity science unit, students can design a circuit as a magic switchbox that magically lights up only for certain people. How does this magically work? Students use what they have learned in the classroom about circuits and magnetism to design the box, fabricate the box in the lab, and use circuit boards and soldering stations to put the circuit together. Other options for magnetism and electricity projects are available.

*Science/Environment *** Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Wading Into Wetlands: Emphasis on plant adaptations, water conservation, and human impacts. AASD Science Standards.

*Science/Environment *** Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Water World: Choose full day (4 hours), or 1/2 day (2 hours) and learn about wetland value and function, water cycle, water conservation and human impacts, pond life, fish adaptations, and fishing techniques. 1/2 day limited to three stations. AASD Science Standards.

*Social Studies *** Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Discover Your Wild Heritage: Take a history hike and convene in an authentic Native American woodland wigwam, where students will get a glimpse into the life of local Native Americans 300 years ago. Learn life skills through games. AASD Social Studies Standards. Offered mid-October - November only.

Wisconsin: Mining Weis Earth Science Museum Science E.4.3, Social Studies Strands I, II, and IV.
History Heritage Hill State Park Winter Tour: This popular field trip offers your students a glimpse of the life in the harsh winters of Wisconsin. Historic Guides will lead your students in exploring life-ways of the past and comparing them to today. Dress warmly!

History Heritage Hill State Park Spring Tour: The Spring Tours field trip offers your students a good overview of Wisconsin history starting with the 17th century and on into the 20th century. Historic Guides will challenge your students to think of what it would have been like to live as a fur trader, a farmer, an officer's wife, a soldier, a laundress, or a trades person.

History Heritage Hill State Park Discovery Days - Explore the Fur Trade: Relive the excitement of early Wisconsin, when Native Americans, French, and British interacted within the fur trade. Students will make sparks with flint and steel, listen to native stories and portage a canoe (weather permitting).
Wisconsin History Neville Public Museum Early Wisconsin History: Explore the middle of On the Edge of the Inland Sea, while also studying Wisconsin history from the Fur Trade to the Peshtigo Fire. Hands-on activity challenges students to think about the tools and toys that suited different eras.

Science/Water Bubolz Nature Preserve Explore the properties of water, changes in water, interactions between water and other earth materials and how humans use water.

Science/Environment Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Wildlife Wonders: Learn about many different animals that may live in a wetland. New Spring 2011 -  White Pelican! Others include eagle, owl, beaver, deer, raccoon, fox, groundhog, fish, backyard birds, frogs, butterflies. Students grades 4 and up also learn about human/wildlife interactions through scientific discovery. AASD Science Standards.


Environmental/Outdoor Activities are offered at 4th, 5th and 6th. Discuss at your site and make decisions based on proximity and other grade level connections.
Winter Ecology Heckrodt Wetland
Cover plant and animal adaptations, tracking and snowshoeing. AASD Science Standards.

Winter Survival Skills Heckrodt Wetland
Includes survival fire, winter shelters, dress for weather. AASD Science Standards.

Phy Ed/Environmental Ed Bubolz Nature Preserve Basic ski instruction followed by jaunt on groomed trails, see animal signs in snow.
Outdoor Skills 1000 Islands Environmental Center Basic instruction on orienteering, fire and shelter building.

In-Class Program Opportunities
*Wisconsin History Picture This Gallery and Studio

Wisconsin Maps - Stories They Tell: This presentation features Dr. Reuben Gold Thwaites and his collection of maps and books. This is a broad sweep of the history of Wisconsin from earliest times to the 1880s and is told with the use of original old maps.
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Wisconsin History Appleton Public Library Wisconsin Heritage: An introduction to literature featuring Wisconsin pioneers. Program is free.

Social Studies History Museum at the Castle Wisconsin Indians History Quest Trunks: Woodland Indian culture and Fur Trade (For groups within the greater Appleton area, a docent may be available to come and present Wisconsin Indians in your classroom). Trunks are free to schools and include lesson plans, 3-dimensional items as well as supporting pictures and videos. Loan periods are two weeks.

History Heritage Hill State Park A Fur Trader's Tale: Life was full of challenges for the French traders who came to Wisconsin in the 17th and 18th centuries. Our costumed presenter discusses the daily life of a voyageur and shows reproduction items taken from a pack basket.

 * Indicates AASD recommendation due to strong curricular links.
*** / **** Adjacent field trips are suggested as a combination trip.