5th Grade


Field Trips
*Science/Technology/ Math/Engineering/Art FAB LAB at Fox Valley Technical College The ultimate field trip that extends what students are learning in their science and math courses into a hands on learning experience in the fabrication lab at FVTC. What could be a better way of reinforcing what your students learned in the Mixtures and Solutions science unit than by making a homemade mold and having them cast it themselves? Students would use precise measuring procedures to mix together silicon solutions and create a mold around a handmade object. Once the mold is cured, students would then use casting acrylic to create replicas of their mold. Color or tinting options are available for the casting process.

*Science/Technology/ Math/Engineering/Health FAB LAB at Fox Valley Technical College Molecular Gastronomy is the study of the physical and chemical process of foods in a technical and artistic way. Our lab will use these techniques along with scientific equipment to create things that your students would never think possible. You’ve taken them through the basics Food and Nutrition science unit; now let the food fun begin. Students can make soda caviar, whipped alfredo sauce, silicon tube spaghetti, and lots of other things by altering the chemical structure of food. You’ve probably seen many examples of these processes on Iron Chef or similar food shows, let’s bring your students to the FabLab and get cooking. A session with representatives from the FVTC Culinary Department is also an optional addition.

*Math *** Weis Earth Science Museum Four Components:
Number Shake-Up-Learn how to measure the intensity and location of earthquakes.
Order Up-Determine the order of events in Earth's history by interpreting three-dimensional diagrams and working with numbers in the millions.
Set in Concrete-analyze historical data regarding use of building stone vs. concrete by interpreting and constructing graphs.
How Many Drops to Drink-Examine the world's water supplies in a variety of ways, including fractions.

*Science/Astronomy *** Barlow Planetarium The Explorers: See how to use stars to sail between tiny islands in the vast Pacific Ocean.

*History/Underground Railroad *** Barlow Planetarium Follow the Drinking Gourd: Discover how escaped slaves in the Underground Railroad used their stories and songs of the stars to find freedom.

*Skylore - Native Americans *** Barlow Planetarium Daughters of the Stars: Explore the star stories of the earliest residents of North America.

History *** Weis Earth Science Museum See how minerals and mining have played an important role in Wisconsin history, including Native American copper miners, lead mining and statehood, the big iron "boom," today's "Stone Age," and more. Hear the stories, hold the artifacts, and experience the times.

Local History History Museum at the Castle Discover how Appleton and the Fox Valley fit into the chronology of developing America.

Communication Arts Appleton Public Library A two part trip consisting of an outreach visit to the school by the librarian to teach how to use the library catalog, followed by the students visiting the library to do research. Admission is free.

Science/Landforms Bubolz Nature Preserve Investigate local landforms by using traditional trade tools used by cartographers such as basic map and compass skills and learning the tech. of GPS.

Science/Mixtures & Solutions Bubolz Nature Preserve Study the makeup of substances in nature to gain knowledge about the concepts of concentration, saturation and chemical reactions; discover how chemical changes in the natural world can create catastrophic results.

Fox River Ecology:
Water Study
1000 Islands Environmental Center Study the river up close using chemistry and biology.

Environmental/Outdoor Activities are offered at 4th, 5th and 6th. Discuss at your site and make decisions based on proximity and other grade level connections.
Winter Ecology Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Covers plant and animal adaptations, tracking and snowshoeing AASD Science Standards.

Winter Survival Skills Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Includes survival fire, winter shelters, dress for weather AASD Science Standards.

Phy Ed/
Environmental Ed
Bubloz Nature Preserve Basic ski instruction followed by jaunt on groomed trails, see animal signs in snow.

Outdoor Skills 1000 Islands
Environmental Center
Basic instruction on orienteering, fire and shelter building.

In-Class Program Opportunities
History Heritage Hill State Park An Immigrant's Journey: In this popular program, a costumed presenter shares the struggles and joys of an immigrant’s journey from Germany to America in the mid 19th century. The presentation is illustrated with replica objects and documents drawn from an immigrant’s trunk.

History Heritage Hill State Park Meet a Civil War Soldier: Share an audience with a Civil War soldier and listen as he shares the experiences of a private in the Union Army. Learn about camp life, food, conflicts, uniforms, muskets and other items from a typical soldier's haversack.

Educational Materials for Loan
History Heritage Hill State Park Civil War Soldiers: This kit contains objects, documents, and accompanying activities related to Civil War soldiers. Reproduction documents, photographs, poetry, a De Pere soldier’s letters, and music are included. The kit focuses on five topics: Enlistment, Daily Life, Photographs, Writings, and Religion. Each topic includes activities that can be used separately or combined to supplement your unit.

 * Indicates AASD recommendation due to strong curricular links.
*** Adjacent field trips are suggested as a combination trip.