6th Grade


Field Trips
*Science/Math/ Technology/Engineering FAB LAB at Fox Valley Technical College The ultimate fieldtrip that extends what students are learning in their science and math courses into a hands on learning experience in the fabrication lab at FVTC. Activities for Models & Designs science unit.

Science/Environment *** Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Where the Wild Things Live: Through hands-on learning, students explore meadow, forest, and aquatic habitats that are found on the Reserve. AASD Science Standards.

Science/Environment *** Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Wading Into Wetlands: Emphasis on plant adaptations, water quality, wetland function, water conservation, and human impacts. AASD Science Standards.

Science/Environment *** Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Water World: Choose full day (4 hours), or 1/2 day (2 hours) and learn about wetland value and function, water cycle, water conservation and human impacts, pond life, fish adaptations, and fishing techniques. 1/2 day limited to three stations. AASD Science Standards.

Fox River Ecology:
Water Study
1000 Islands Environmental Center Study the river up close using chemistry and biology.
Science/Environments Bubolz Nature Preserve Students use scientific instruments to test the quality of the pond environment. Students discover the pH, dissolved oxygen, and water clarity of the pond. Students catch aquatic critters in the pond and record their findings.

Communication Arts Appleton Public Library A two part trip consisting of an outreach visit to the school by the librarian to teach how to use the library catalog, followed by the students visiting the library to do research. Admission is free.

Environmental/Outdoor Activities are offered at 4th, 5th and 6th. Discuss at your site and make decisions based on proximity and other grade level connections.
Winter Ecology Heckrodt Wetland
Covers plant and animal adaptations, tracking and snowshoeing AASD Science Standards.
Winter Survival Skills Heckrodt Wetland
Includes survival fire, winter shelters, dress for weather AASD Science Standards.
Phy Ed/
Environmental Ed
Bubolz Nature Preserve Basic ski instruction followed by jaunt on groomed trails, see animal signs in snow.
Outdoor Skills 1000 Islands
Environmental Center
Basic instruction on orienteering, fire and shelter building.
 * Indicates AASD recommendation due to strong curricular links.
*** Adjacent field trips are suggested as a combination trip.