7th-8th Grade


Field Trips
*Weis Earth Science Museum *** SEVENTH GRADE
Math - Four Components:
Math in Motion-Analyze the movement of Earth's crustal plates through time, using tables and graphs, making predictions, and comparing probabilities.
Dinosaur Digits-Determine the height of a dinosaur from a single bone, understanding relationships among units and solving problems involving rates.
Calculating Costs-Learn to use commodity prices to estimate the cost of various mineral components in a cell phone.
Petroleum & Percentages-Discover the proportion of petroleum resources that we use for different products.

*Barlow Planetarium *** SEVENTH GRADE
Cellular Biology - "Journey into the Living Cell" - Explore "inner space" of the cell
*Barlow Planetarium EIGHTH GRADE
Astronomy - "Galactic Quest" - Explore the origins, life cycles and classifications of stars.
FAB LAB at Fox Valley Technical College The ultimate fieldtrip that extends what students are learning in science, math, technology, design, etc. into a hands on learning experience in the fabrication lab at FVTC. Make connections in all curricular areas by bringing your students to the Fab Lab to create and experiment, making their own thoughts and ideas reality. For example, excite your students with the Forces and Momentum science curriculum by taking them to the FabLab to build a Double Pendulum, one of a few items that demonstrate true chaotic behavior. Students will use a precision laser to cut out acrylic for the arms and a Shopbot to cut out the stand. Add an LED and now we’re talking “chaos in visual motion”.

History Museum at the Castle Interdisciplinary lessons integrating Social Studies, English Language Arts, Math, Art and Design, and other skills. Topics include Wisconsin Indians, Houdini (as a means to explore broader topics), WWII, and more!

Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Includes survival fire, winter shelters, dress for weather. AASD Science Standards.
Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Covers plant and animal adaptations, tracking and snowshoeing AASD Science Standards​.
Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Wildlife Wonders: Learn about many different animals that may live in a wetland. New Spring 2011 - White Pelican! Others include eagle, owl, beaver, deer, raccoon, fox, groundhog, fish, backyard birds, frogs, butterflies. Students grades 4 and up also learn about human/wildlife interactions through scientific discovery. AASD Science Standards​.

Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Water World: Choose full day (4 hours), or 1/2 day (2 hours) and learn about wetland value and function, water cycle, water conservation and human impacts, pond life, fish adaptations, and fishing techniques. 1/2 day limited to three stations. AASD Science Standards​.

1000 Islands Environmental Center Outdoor Skills program for students through 8th grade.  It includes basic instruction in fire building, shelter building and orienteering and is available for scheduling at any time of the year​.


In-Class Program Opportunities
History Museum at the Castle An experienced museum docent will come to your classroom to lead your students in a process of discovery about Wisconsin Native Peoples. We will bring a traveling trunk with reproduction items related to Woodland Indian culture, the Fur Trade, etc. for your students to explore. Your class may keep the trunk and accompanying curriculum for up to a month!

Heckrodt Wetland Reserve/a>​ HWR would be limited to November-March due to our teaching load, but other may be available otherwise. Education trunk loans (with or without a staff educator).​

Barlow Planetarium Telescopes to Go: Have a star party right at your school. Astronomy educators will deliver, setup and operate telescopes on your school property. Great for school events, parent/teacher events, and school spirit events.​

Student Volunteer Opportunities
Hearthstone Museum Join our fabulous team of junior docents (tour guides) and learn more about Appleton history and the history of technology. Work with adults and children as you lead them through the past into an exciting time in American history. You could also become a greeter and help us welcome people into the past and work in the lower level hydro-adventure center and gift shop helping guests have a great museum experience.

Heckrodt Wetland Reserve​​ Volunteerism, special projects (service learning), Free, Teambuilding/leadership training opportunities​.

1000 Islands Environmental Center Volunteer program which is open to anyone 14 years and older.  Younger students can participate in the volunteer program with an adult (parent or teacher) on-site. If you need further details, just let me know!​

Paper Discovery Center​ SCIENCE / TECH ED - Help demonstrate and explain science concepts during our special events.  Summer science series, after school scout programs, events during school winter and spring break.  Our staff identifies, designs, and sets up the hands-on experiments and activities.  The students would need to be trained on how to demonstrate and explain them.  If interested, a student could also help identify, design, and set-up the activities.  Science topics for the program include: sound, sight, electricity, forces, thermal energy, water chemistry, paper testing, color, and flying objects.​

Paper Discovery Center​ WEBSITE -  items include helping set up and update a face book account and add videos to you-tube and imbed them onto our site.​

Paper Discovery Center BUSINESS / RETAIL - Organize and help run the gift shop.  This can be done after school or on weekends.  Much of it can even be done by home by looking at catalogues – hard copies or on-line. ​

Paper Discovery Center​ HISTORY - Assist in special projects, a current example is a history project that is researching various industries along the Fox River – what businesses were located on and relied upon the river and when.  ​

Paper Discovery Center GRAPHIC ARTS / COMMUNICATIONS / TECH ED – Help design flyers and information sheets ​

Educational Materials for Loan
Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Education trunk loans (with or without a staff educator), Heckrodt is a Watershed Education Resource Center and has water monitoring equipment to loan - Free​.

Bubolz Nature Preserve​ Travel to schools with 10 pairs of snowshoes for student demonstration and use.​
* Indicates AASD recommendation due to strong curricular links.
*** Adjacent field trips are suggested as a combination trip.