Safe & Resilient Return

Based upon the current state of the pandemic in our community, we have made the decision to remain in our current Fully Virtual Plus model until the end of the first semester, January 15, 2021.

The Virtual Plus model was designed to provide targeted in-person support for identified students while we continue with fully virtual learning. By continuing this careful, phased-in approach where we consistently follow all safety and mitigation strategies, including wearing face coverings/masks, following physical distancing guidelines, and participating in small cohorts while also limiting overall building capacity, we can provide our students the necessary opportunities to have their essential academic, social, emotional, and physical needs met - even while our community burden remains extremely high.

We will continue to track and monitor how our Fully Virtual Plus implementation is going and will make any needed improvements or adjustments to our mitigation strategies and safety protocol. This also applies to our co-curricular activities.

We are targeting a second-semester start for increasing in-person learning opportunities for all students.

  • Early Childhood will start in a fully in-person model following their traditional program schedule.
  • For Grades K-6, a revised plan to implement a cohort hybrid half-day in-person model is being finalized.
  • For Grades 7-12, we will follow the previously planned cohort hybrid model.

In the upcoming weeks, we will focus on virtually pre-teaching and reviewing safety protocols and expectations for in-person and virtual environments for all of our students, especially our youngest learners.

The pandemic conditions in our community will continue to be a factor that must be considered in our decisions regarding in-person learning scenarios. We will continue to monitor our COVID tracker data, staffing needs, and the effectiveness of our current mitigation efforts while we continue within the Fully Virtual Plus model. None of our plans to continue to phase in additional in-person learning opportunities will be fully possible if the community spread of the virus continues to grow.