School Supply Lists

Early Childhood - Grade 6
For families who selected in-person instruction
Please purchase the items listed on your school’s supply list. (All school supply lists are on each school website under "Families".) These supplies will be used for virtual instruction at the beginning of the school year and also when students are able to safely return to school for in-person instruction

Due to beginning the year virtually, there may be a few additional school supplies that are not currently on your child’s school supply list that would be helpful in supporting instruction at home (ream of copy paper and stapler for creating and writing books, a pencil sharpener, sidewalk chalk for art, headphones, etc). Please compare your child’s school supply list to the virtual school supply list to see which supplies are recommended to support virtual instruction at that specific grade level but are not currently on your list.

For families who selected fully virtual instruction
Please use the 20-21 AASD Elementary Virtual School Supply List

Middle and High School
Middle and high school supply lists will function for both in-person and virtual options. 
Please note: AASD will be supplying families with additional instructional materials to use at home such as a Chromebook, whiteboard, math workbook, etc. Parents will be asked to pick these supplies up from the school.

Specific pick up times and locations will be shared by each elementary school prior to the start of the school year.