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1. Explore course options:

eSchool Course List
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arrow Registration is closed for the 2013-14 school year. Registration for the 2014-15 school year will take place mid-August. Check website in mid-August for details.

Returning Students: --> Print, sign, and upload the 2013-14 student contract to your eSchool profile. Watch the screencasts below for a refresher.
New Students: --->
See directions below.

2. Create account & sign up for a class:

Part 1: Create a guardian account and a student profile. (There may be a working day delay between creating a student profile and selecting courses as new applications are manually accepted)

Part 2: Request a course(s). Course requests go through a course approval process that involves the student's counselor. Use your course status indication in your profile to monitor the course approval process.


New students:

  1. Create guardian and student profiles screencast (new account)

New and returning students:

  1. Request a course screencast
  2. Course approval process & notification location screencast
  3. Upload student contract to profile (required for course approval) screencast

Reminder for all students:

  • Throughout the registration process, students and guardians will receive emails from eSchool with helpful directions to help complete the registration process.
  • Course requests will not be approved without a signed eSchool student contract and approval through our electronic approval process.
  • Students, Parents, and Guaridans, check out our orientation page for details about the features of your eSchool account. Additional screencast videos are provided. screencast
Student Contract:

-To be signed and turned in during the course approval process:

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