Appleton eSchool
blending online and traditional schedules

The Appleton eSchool broadens access to courses that students may be looking for or simply cannot fit into their busy schedules at their resident school. The flexibility of scheduling online courses with the Appleton eSchool during the school day allows students to create their academic experience.

Possible scenarios to blend online learning into daily schedules:

  • New eSchool students*: 1.0 credit online AND 5.0 credits at their high school.


  • Successful returning eSchool students: up to 2.0 credits online AND 4.0 credits at their high school.

Steps to pursue blending your schedule:

  1. Identify a course(s) to take online with eSchool
  2. Meet with your school counselor to integrate with your academic plan
  3. Register for course(s) in the eSchool system
  4. Connect with the eSchool representative at East (eSchool office), North (career center), or West (guidance office) to help determine the logistics of participating in a blended schedule.

If anyone has any additional questions, please contact the eSchool office.

To register today for an eSchool course, click here.

*New eSchool students begin with 1 eSchool course. Upon successful completion of the first online eSchool course, part-time eSchool students may take up to 2 online eSchool courses simultaneously.

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