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  Mission & Core Beliefs
21st century vision

Our mission is to utilize new and emerging technologies to provide students a pathway to achieve success within a 21st century learning environment. We will provide high-quality standards-driven curriculum that is able to accommodate students’ varying physical locations while providing flexible time frames and course pacing.

  • Appleton eSchool should offer a wide variety of course options for high school credit as generated by students' needs and interests.
  • Appleton Area School District students should be encouraged to complete at least one online course as preparation for an increasingly technological world.
  • In general, it is not recommended that students take all of their high school courses through online learning.
  • The future success of Appleton eSchool is contingent upon exploring and engaging in partnerships that maximize resources to benefit students.
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Information for Mentors/Coaches
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Mentor/Coaches are typically parents, but may also be resource teachers, local teacher contacts or anyone else that is monitoring the progress of an online student. The information in this presentation explains how to locate and interpret the student's grade book as well as all lessons submitted by the student including any instructor comments.

Other Information:

Policies and Procedures Adobe PDF Document (Includes items such as attendance, drop policy, late work, proctored tests, discipline issues, etc...)
eSchool/AASD Charter Contract Adobe PDF Document
Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaboative external
Virtual School Identification Information

Attendance Requirement Information and Student Contract:
The following link provides the contract used by all students taking online courses through the Wisconsin eSchool Network. The attendance requirment information is located within our student contract.
Link to student contract page


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