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Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative

The WI Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) has been established to provide equible access to high quality online education by offering online learning to school districts, cooperative education service agencies, charter schools and private schools located in Wisconsin. The Appleton eSchool and Wisconsin eSchool Network are collaborating partners in this statewide digital learning effort.

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Wisconsin eSchool Network

The Appleton eSchool is an invested member with the Wisconsin eSchool Network. As a partner of the Wisconsin eSchool Network, the Appleton eSchool students have access to all network course offerings licensed by the Wisconsin eSchool Network.

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The VHS Collaborative

Through a partnership with the VHS Collaborative in Massachusetts a wide variety of courses are available. These seats are available on a first come, first served basis. Please see the VHS registration page for more information about VHS courses offered through the Appleton eSchool.

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Tesla Engineering Charter School

Tesla Engineering Charter School is a premier high school to support the engineering and technology needs of the Fox Cities community. Tesla students frequently enroll in eSchool courses as a means to opening up their schedule to allow more face to face classes to focus on engineering concepts provided at Tesla.

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  Valley New School

Valley New School

Time management, problem-solving, research, writing, reading and speaking skills are essential to the success of students in the 21st Century. The Appleton eSchool partners with Valley New School to provide specific courses for students who wish to pursue specialized learning in a desired content area to meet students' individual interests in addition to the project-based learning offered by Valley New School.

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Kaleidoscope Academy

Kaleidoscope Academy

Kaleidoscope Academy is a middle school within the Appleton Area School district in which focuses on two themes: Technology and the Fine Arts. Appleton eSchool currently helps provide mathematics curriculum via eSchool's online math offerings to integrate 21st century skills and learning into Kaleidoscope students' daily routines.

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Wisconsin Connections Academy

Wisconsin Connections Academy

Wisconsin Connection Academy is a full-time K-12 virtual public school within the Appleton Area School District that creates dynamic opportunities for learners to succeed. The school is committed to making each experience meaningful and successful in an environment that is most conducive to student learning. It is WCA’s desire to help each student maximize his/her potential and meet the highest performance standards thorough a program that combines the best in virtual education with very real connections among students, families, teachers, and the community.

Wisconsin Connections Academy website


Dreambox Learning

DreamBox Learning’s intelligent adaptive learning program enables students of all abilities to achieve proficiency, helping them excel in school and in life. It’s a robust standards-based curriculum that builds conceptual understanding and fluency, as it engages and motivates students of every ability to exceed expectations.

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Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School

The Appleton eSchool has partnered with Florida Virtual School to provide the majority of our course offerings. All of the teachers teaching Florida's online curriculum are Wisconsin State certified. Our teachers are provided locally in Appleton and throughout the Wisconsin eSchool Network.

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  Appleton YMCA

YMCA 21st Century Lifestyle Learning Partnership

The Appleton eSchool and the Y have teamed up to help provide full-time online students with the Appleton eSchool a place to learn, connect, and balance their lives. The Y and the Appleton eSchool believe it is important for everyone in the 21st Century to recognize a lifestyle that will lead to healthy and balanced living. More and more brain research is coming out supporting the benefits of exercise in relation to cognitive ability and mental health. Full-time Appleton eSchool students will be able to utilize this strategic partnership to create a lifestyle focused around learning and exercise. The downtown Y in Appleton has remodeled a commons area with some computers to provide Appleton virtual students a place to work on their online courses, connect and collaborate with classmates, and the convenience to build an exercise routine as part of their day.

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