Appleton eSchool
  Staff Pic
  Mr. Mineau

Matt Mineau

Mr. Mineau is the principal of both Appleton East High School and Appleton eSchool. Matt has served as the Associate Principal of East High School and the Principal of Tesla Engineering Charter School in Appleton.

  Mr. Hanson

Erik Hanson
Program Leader

Mr. Hanson joined the Appleton eSchool in 2008 from Edina, Minnesota where he spent 8 years as a math teacher and webmaster.  Mr.Hanson was involved with the infant stages of online learning in the Minneapolis area as he wrote curriculum and taught online algebra for the Edina Public Schools.  Mr. Hanson’s office is located at Appleton East High School on the first floor near the elevator in the silo (circular) section of the school.


Mrs. Gehring

Kim Gehring

Kim has several years experience in clerical, administrative and human resources support.  She graduated from the University of MN with a BS in Communication and Graphic Design.  She is enthusiastic about the future of online learning and enjoys supporting Appleton eSchool in her role as secretary/registrar.

  Mrs. Sunke

Amy Sunke
Program Support/Science Teacher

Amy Sunke has several roles with eSchool. Amy is the Program Support Liaison for all fulltime students with eSchool.  She is the go to person if you are a fulltime student with eSchool regarding your schedule, activation of courses or credits earned.  Amy is also the Site Coordinator for all Appleton students that take a Virtual High School (VHS) course.  She helps prepare students to take a VHS course by facilitating the VHS orientation, relaying any media that you might need, and connecting biweekly to offer you an online report that your teacher from VHS publishes. In addition, Amy is an online Teacher.  She teaches the science courses for eSchool- Earth Space Science and Biology and teaches Bioethics Symposium and Anatomy and Physiology for the district through the Virtual High School. 

  Mrs. Pynenberg

Jean Pynenberg
Program Support

Jean holds a degree in International Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh along with a Wisconsin license to teach Secondary Broadfield Social Studies. In addition to Jean's program support position, in 2008 she served as the eSchool Summer School Coordinator.

  Mrs. Zanon

Karen Zanon
Social Studies/Civics

Mrs. Zanon teaches American History, World History and Civics with the Appleton eSchool.   In addition to eSchool, Mrs. Zanon has been teaching at Appleton East High School since 1994.  Throughout her tenure in Appleton, Mrs. Zanon has taught United States History, Contemporary World Studies, Civics, Social Problems and Special Education. If you need to reach Mrs. Zanon, she can be found working online most often during the morning and early afternoon hours.

  Ms. Serna

Amy McAloon
Communication Arts

Ms. McAloon began teaching for Appleton eSchool in 2002 before she even owned a computer!  The first class Ms. McAloon taught was Creative Writing, which she developed.  Over the years Ms. McAloon has refined that class and found it to be an enjoyable class for her students and herself.  Additionally, she has taught English I, II, III, and IV as needed.  Teaching online has really encouraged her to explore and embrace technology. 

  Mrs. Steinke

Sally Buss

Ms.Buss is an art teacher in the Appleton Area School District and has taught for 21 years at all levels.  She currently is teaching high school drawing and painting, art survey and introduction to studio art.  She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Lawrence University, as a returning student.  At the time she was married with 3 children and completed a double major in art and biology with certifications in both. Her favorite media is watercolor (portraitures of children in their natural settings).  She is a distance runner having completed 3 half marathons in the last year and a half and her first marathon in Detroit this past fall. Sally likes to attempt new things. Her most memorable one was backpacking around Europe with her daughter and traveling through the deep jungles of Costa Rica.

  Mrs. Teske

Heather Teske

Mrs. Teske teaches Algebra and Geometry with Appleton eSchool.  In addition to eSchool, Mrs. Teske has been teaching at Appleton East High School since 1999.  She currently teaches College Prep math in the classroom at East as well as coaches the Appleton East Dance Team. If you need to reach Mrs. Teske, she can be found working online most often in the afternoons in the eSchool office.

  Mrs. Van Camp

Carol Van Camp
Personal Finance Management

Mrs. Van Camp teaches Personal Financial Management with Appleton eSchool and in the classroom at East High School.  Mrs. Van Camp has been teaching in the Appleton Area School District since 2002.  She has taught at three of the Appleton High Schools.  You can find Mrs. Van Camp during her off hours in the FCE office which is located on the second floor in the FCE Department.

  Mr. Reichardt

Kevin Reichardt
Physcial Education

Mr. Reichardt has been teaching Personal Fitness and Fitness Lifestyle Design with Appleton eSchool since 2012.  He is a physical education teacher and has been teaching at Appleton East High School since 1996.  Mr. Reichardt loves fitness and is involved in many outside activities.  He currently coaches Middle school basketball and High school golf.  You can find Mr. Reichardt any day in the main gym area at Appleton East.  Stop by and say “hi”.