Appleton eSchool
  reasons to take an online course
  • Traditional core courses can be taken in an alternative format.
  • AP courses and electives not otherwise available due to low enrollments or schedule conflicts can be taken.
  • Students have the opportunity through threaded discussions to interact with peers they might not otherwise encounter
  • Frequent individual student/teacher interactions, as well as parent contacts, occur to support student efforts and monitor progress based on individual needs and goals.
  • Online courses have a high level of accountability for the time, effort and quality of student work submitted.
  • Online courses provide rigorous, high quality, standards-driven curriculum.
  • Course completion goals can be on an accelerated, traditional or extended basis to meet individual student needs.
  • Course enrollments are on a continuous or rolling basis, so students can request enrollment at any time there is a seat available.
  • Courses are available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Students take greater ownership for their learning thus preparing them to be lifelong learners.
  Why eschool
  New Student
  • Student transfers in from a school
  • Student transfers with course for which there is no district classroom equivalent
  • Student enrolls mid-term who had not been attending school
  • Transfer student having a difficult time filling their schedule due to closed classes
  • Student would like the experience of taking an online course
  • Student wishes to enhance their independent learning skills
  • Student wishes to utilize accelerated programming opportunities such as completing a full credit course in one semester or over the summer
  • Student would like to take an AP course that is not available at their site
  • Student who wishes to explore a particular area of interest not otherwise available
  • Student wants a higher level of control
Scheduling Difficulties
  • Low enrollment eliminates course option desired by student
  • Student has a schedule conflict that can be resolved with an online course
  • Student needs a semester of a course to move to the next level
  • Student dropped a course and is seeking to add a different course
  • Student with schedule challenges as a result of participating in a Coop, Tesla, Renaissance, Valley New School, Music etc.
  • Athlete involved in several sports struggling with 8th hour courses due to early departures
Unique Circumstances
  • Student is on homebound and would like to add a course in addition to traditional homebound instruction
  • Student with extended absences for health reasons
  • Student needs a course beyond their schedule in order to graduate
  • Self-supporting student is working and needs greater flexibility in his/her daily schedule
  • Teen parent needs a short day schedule to handle his/her responsibilities
  • Student is on a voluntary withdrawal with approval by the administration
  • At Risk or EEN student might benefit from an online course taken primarily in a resource room or the ILS Lab with the program specialist as their mentor/coach
  • Student participating in a foreign exchange program could assure earning the credits required for his/her diploma
  • Family circumstances include short-term relocations during the school
  • Student is unable to participate in full day schedule successfully due to health/behavior problems