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Executive Summary

Week 3: May 6, 2008

Birth to Five

The Birth to 5 Expert Committee represented by Franklin Principal Nan Bunnow, District Staff Development Coordinator Lou Chicquette, and District Birth to 5 Coordinator Amy Wilson, provided FNS committee members with background on the following:

  • Why we are focused on Birth to 5?
  • What initiatives are currently connected to Birth to 5?
  • How are these initiatives being implemented?
  • What if we could expand our initiatives?

The Birth to 5 presentation can be found in Appendix 8


Nan, Lou, and Amy presented committee members with three major topics for consideration.  During the What if portion of their presentation, committee members were presented with three options to prioritize for future focus in the Birth to 5 area: Support and sustain current AASD Birth to 5 Initiatives; Create a system that delivers awareness and access to Early Childhood Information and Services; and Study and develop a plan to create a model Early Childhood Center.


A forced ranking process was used and committee members were asked to give a priority rating to each area.  The results of this ranking are shown below:


  1st Ranking 2nd Ranking 3rd Ranking
Current Initiatives 45% 47% 8%

Early Childhood Services

  • Increase participation in regular and sustained parent education

  • Expand site resource coordinators at each elementary school

  • Develop a system to help families sort through information and connect to resources
56% 41% 3%

Early Childhood Center

  • Coordinate/increase financial and human resources for early childhood services

  • Explore collaborative, community-based 4K programming

  • Increase funding for Family Resource Center Services (FRC)

  • Explore feasibility of FRC within AASD

2% 12% 86%

Committees members were also asked to respond to the following questions:
  • What Birth to 5 initiatives are missing from the presented information?
  • What will it take to build community collaboration and support as we move forward?

Responses and feedback can be found in Appendix 9






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