This is a soccer lead-up game that can easily be played indoors.  The class is divided up into 2 teams of equal ability.  The object of the game is for your team to kick the ball and hit the other teamís wall for a goal.  The ball may hit anywhere on that wall as long as it is not too high (usually a change in wall color works best for this).  Each team is numbered off from 1 to however many are in the class (it is a good idea for the players to be across from players of approximate equal ability, so that when their number is called, the players are not overmatched).  At the start, you may call 2-4 #ís to come out into the center.  These are the soccer players.  The soccer players attempt to kick the ball and hit the opponentís wall.  The players whose numbers you do not call are the goalies. 


1 foam soccer ball (a gator ball works well for this)

You may want to have 1 pinnie for one of the teams.


When you number is called, you may not use your hands

Goalies must have at least 1 foot on or behind their endline.  If they come out to field a ball, it is a penalty.

If the goalies catch the ball, they must put the ball on the ground before kicking it.  Goalies may throw or roll the ball to a teammate.

Goalies may score a goal.

After a goal is scored, all players return to their side and wait for the next number to be called.

A penalty kick is to be taken at the centerline.  An example of a penalty would be:  hand ball, pushing, a goalie that went out into the playing field to field a ball, etc.


Important to remember: 

Some key points to consider at the end of the game are sportsmanship, having fun, and the skills used.  Ask players from both sides to say something nice about the other team.