Recent Spam Email Sent to AASD Students
Posted on 10/01/2019


We are aware of an email message that was sent to many of our students with the subject “Part time Pet walker/Pet sitter need.Pay is $300 weekly.” This is not a legitimate email. 

To ensure the safety of our students we have taken the following actions:

  1. We have sent a district-wide email to all of our students notifying them that the email in question is not a legitimate email.
  2. We have blocked the return address so that our students are unable to email that address from their district account nor receive emails from that account.
  3. We are in the process of removing the email from our students’ district inboxes. Please be aware that this could take a few days before the email disappears from all inboxes.
  4. We are looking through our email history to determine which students may have used district email to respond to the email in question. We are in the process of following up with these students and their legal guardian(s).

Although we have systems in place to prevent inappropriate messages from getting through, no system is perfect. We encourage our staff, students, and families to be aware of the information they are viewing online. 

One way that you can help is by reminding your child to notify you or school staff if they receive an email from someone they don’t know. We also encourage you to remind your child that they should never share personally identifiable information with those that they don’t know and trust.  If you are interested in additional ways you can help protect your child’s privacy online, please click here.

Please know that your child’s safety is our highest priority. Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety of your children online!

Matt Zimmerman
Director of Technology Services
Appleton Area School District

Follow-Up 10/2

Good afternoon AASD families, 

We wanted to share some more information regarding the recent spam emails that have been sent to AASD students.

Over the last two weeks, there has been an influx of spam messages coming into student email inboxes. The District’s Technology Services Staff intercept the vast majority of these messages, but the daily volume of messages, which is between 25,000-50,000 emails, has been a challenge for us to block completely. 

Unfortunately, some of these emails have been getting delivered to our students. Today your child’s principal read an announcement to all students reminding them to delete any emails they receive from individuals they do not know. We encourage you to take this opportunity to reinforce with your child the need to delete any such emails.

We will continue to be proactive and work to ensure that our students know how to handle spam. If your student mentions that they have received an email that comes from someone that they do not know or if it seems suspicious, encourage them to notify Technology Services or their teacher. 

We appreciate your help in keeping all of our students safe online. If you are interested in additional ways you can help protect your child’s privacy online, please click here.

Matt Zimmerman
Director of Technology Services
Appleton Area School District

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Thov  qhia rau koj paub hais tias koj tus menyuam qhov kev thaj yeeb nyab xeeb yog qhov tseem ceeb tshaj plaws rau peb. Ua tsaug uas koj nrog peb koom tes ua ke ua kom tsis txhob muaj teeb meem rau koj tus menyuam nyob rau online!

Matt Zimmerman
Director of Technology Services
Appleton Area School District

SPAM reciente enviado a estudiantes del AASD

Sabemos de un mensaje por email que ha sido enviado a muchos de nuestros estudiantes con el título de “Se requiere paseador de mascotas/ cuidador de mascotas / Pago es de $300 semanales”.  Este no es un email legítimo. 

Para asegurar la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes se han tomados las siguientes precauciones:
1. Se ha enviado un email a todos los estudiantes del distrito notificando que el email en discusión no es un email legítimo.
2. Se ha bloqueado la dirección de contestación para que nuestros estudiantes no puedan usar esa dirección de su cuenta distrital ni puedan recibir emails de esa cuenta.
3. Se está en proceso de remover el email de los apartados de nuestros estudiantes en el distrito. Favor de considerar que esto puede tomar varios días antes de que los emails desaparezcan de todos los apartados.
4. Se está buscando en nuestra historia de email para determinar cuáles estudiantes pudieran haber usado el email para responder al email en discusión. Se está en proceso de de comunicarse con dichos estudiantes y  sus tutores legales.

Aunque se tienen sistemas instalados para prevenir que pasen mensajes inapropiados, no hay sistema perfecto. Alentamos a nuestro personal, estudiantes y familias el tener cuidado con la información que ven en línea. 

Una forma de ayudar es recordar a los estudiantes que notifiquen a ustedes o al personal de la escuela si reciben un email de alguien a quien no reconocen. También recomendamos el recordar a los estudiantes que nunca deben compartir información personal e identificable con aquellos que no conocen y que no son confiables.  Si ustedes están interesados en formas adicionales de ayudar a proteger la privacidad de sus hijos en línea, favor de presionar aquí.

Considérese que la seguridad de los niños es nuestra más alta prioridad. ¡Agradecemos que ustedes trabajen con nosotros para asegurar la seguridad de todos los estudiantes cuando trabajan o están en línea!

Matt Zimmerman
Director de Servicios Tecnológicos
Distrito Escolar del Area de Appleton

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