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Art Mission Statement

The AASD Art Program is designed to insure that students studying the visual arts will receive quality instruction through a comprehensive art education program. While gaining knowledge of art materials, art techniques, and problem-solving processes, students can learn and develop the skills necessary to express themselves in a creative and positive manner. Students learn the importance and value of the arts as they produce art, develop ideas about the elements and principles of art and design, study the influences of art on the individual and on society, and discover the connections of visual art to other areas of the curriculum. Visual Arts is an important program in the total educational process, which seeks to assure that students become productive and contributing members of society.

K-12 Art Standards Committee
June, 1999


Music Mission Statement

The AASD music program is designed to ensure that every student in music should receive instruction in music performance, creativity, literacy, response, and connections to the other arts and disciplines. Through singing, playing instruments, composing, and improvisation, students can express themselves creatively, while knowledge of notation and performance traditions enabled them to learn new music independently throughout their lives. Skills in analysis, evaluation, and synthesis will enable them to recognize and pursue excellence in their music experiences. It is hoped that the adult life of every student is enriched by the skills, knowledge, and habits acquired in the study of music.

K-12 Music Standards Committee
April, 1998


Contact Information:

James Heiks
K-12 Fine Arts Coordinator





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