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Type in a word to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions and more! Great for Poetry!!

Very cool - you can type in letters and find words with those letters - Great for word games!!
(Make sure you put an * before the letters you want - for example: *tion)

Dictionary Practice & Activities

PPPST: Library Skills
Power Points, Games and Lesson Plans from Pete's Power Point Station

Dino Hunters
Find all the different dinosaurs using dictionary skills.

Beat the Dictionary
Are you a word expert? Fun game to build your word skills!

Word Central
Fun word play website for kids - from Merriam Webster Online

Visual Dictionary Online
from Merriam-Webster - Pretty cool!!
Try the

Daily Buzzword
Learn new words every day! (for kids)

Say Hi
Animated "action dictionary" - pretty fun!

Harcourt talking dictionary

Picture Vocabulary
Many categories; great photos! From

Language Guide: English
Picture and audio dictionary pages for English Language Learners (ESL/ELL/EFL)

Guide Words to the Stars
QUIA online gameshow to practice dictionary skills (Using Guide Words)

Practice Using a Dictionary
Practice using Guide Words in this online activity

Word of the Day
For students and adults - from Merriam Webster Online

Word List
From Random House - learn new words every day! (Or more than one a day!)

Dictionary Exercises
from the Pearson Longman Vocabulary Website

Dictionary Entries
from TV411 Vocabulary

Pick the Perfect Word
fun word game
from Scholastic

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