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Examples Of Homophones
examples with pictures

Homonym List
A definition for almost every homonym you could think of from Alan Cooper!

Self-Study Homonym Quizzes
A whole bunch of quizzes to help you master your homonym knowledge!!

BBC Skillwise: Homophones
Pairs Word Game
Factsheet: What are homophones?
Definition, game and examples from BBC Skillwise

What is a synonym and a homonym?

from Enchanted Learning

PPPST: Multiple Meaning Words
Power Points and website links GALORE for students and teachers!
Which one? (easier)
Which one? (harder)
a fun game to practice homophones

Video Clip: Homophones
Brian McKnight and Cleo Lion sing a song together about Homophones on Between the Lions.

Easier homophone practice from "Create-A-Reader"

Super Match Game
Homonyms practice from Scholastic's Miss Maggie ("Maggie's Earth Adventures")

|Homonyms Memory Game
from Sadlier-Oxford

Homophone Express
Fun game to practice homophones
(from Harcourt School - Grade 4)

Pop-up practice from QUIA

Word Confusion
Game to practice homonyms (choose "easy" or "hard") on Fun Brain

Easter Egg Hunt
Homophones (Advanced #1) game from What2Learn

Advanced Homophones 2
Game from What2Learn

Homophones (Advanced #3) game from What2Learn

Word Frog
Practice antonyms/synonyms/homonyms with this fun game from Arcademic Skill Builders

Rocket to the Moon
Build and launch a rocket to the moon by identifying synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms.
Fun game from Harcourt School.

Furious Frogs
Practice antonyms/synonyms/homonyms with this fun game from Arcademic Skill Builders
Line Match
Homonym practice
(medium difficulty)
A Feast of Homonyms
QUIA matching game
Homophone Test
More challenging online homophone quiz (Thanks for the link, Larry Ferlazzo!)
Homophones Quiz
from BBC for Kids

Homonyms Quiz
from English Study Quizzes

More Homophones Games
Jeopardy Homophones
Fun game for 2 players from Quia

Homonyms Quizzes
TONS of exercises to help you learn many homonyms/homophones! From the Longman Vocabulary Website
language exercises from the Pearson Longman Vocabulary Website
There, Their and They're
Online quiz from

Pun of the Day
Fun with homophones!

Words with Multiple Meanings
from TV411 Vocabulary