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Naming Nouns
Learn all about what nouns are and how to use them. (Includes concrete/abstract; common/proper; count/non-count; and collective nouns)

Without an "S"
Fun learning video clip from PBS Kids' Between the Lions

PPPST: Plurals
Power Points, Games and Lesson Plans from Pete's Power Point Station
Plurals Factsheet
from BBC Skillswise

Special Names
from Harcourt (easier)

Online Games:

The Plural Girls
Game from Fun Brain

Quia: Singular and Plural Nouns
Flashcards, matching and concentration games to practice singular and plural nouns

Noun Plurals Billionaire
SUPER FUN game from

Plural Noun Construction
Grammar Practice Park game from Harcourt

Plural Play
Online practice game from Grammar Practice Park (Harcourt - 4th Grade)

Fish Tank
change singular nouns to plural nouns

See 'n' Spell: Plurals
from Primary Games (easier)

WARTGames: Nouns
Games from Pete's Power Point Station

Plural Fishing
from BBC Skillwise
a/an/plural nouns
from Headway Elementary (Oxford University Press)

Online Quizzes:

Special Names
from Harcourt (easier)
Grammar Central:

More Plurals
Irregular Plurals
Irregular Plurals ("F" to "VES")
 Really Irregular Plurals
Greek/Latin Borrowed Plurals
Plurals: No Singular Form
Interactive minilessons from CET (The Center for Education and Training)
Lesson: Irregular Plural Nouns
Quiz: Irregular Plural Nouns
Practice from

Countable or Uncountable?
Online quiz from

Online quiz from

Plurals - Compound Nouns
Online quiz from

Plurals Quizzes
from BBC Skillswise

Singular or Plural?
Online quiz from


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