7th/8th grade girls/boys track and field

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Appleton 2014 Track
Appleton Middle School Conference

1st practice: March 24th   

Meet tentative start time:
Field events - 4:15
Running events - 4:25


April 15th

Woodworth (Fondy) @ Xavier MS

April 17th Moved to April 28th

Einstein @ Madison

Roosevelt @ Wilson

April 24th

Einstein @ Roosevelt

Xavier @ Madison

Wilson @ Neenah Red (Shattuck)

April 28th Rain Make-up

Einstein @ Madison

Roosevelt @ Wilson

April 29th

Madison @ Neenah White (Shattuck)

May 1st

Roosevelt @ St. Joes

Wilson @ Einstein


May 5th Rain Make-up

Wilson @ Neenah Red (Shattuck)


May 6th (make-up)

Einstein @ Madison


May 8th

Wilson @ St. Joes

Madison @ Roosevelt

Neenah Red @ Einstein


May 12th Rain Date

Xavier @ Madison

May 15th - Rain Date

Einstein @ Roosevelt (Host)

To be run @ Einstein

May 18th

City track meet

Pre-scratch meeting

May 21st

City Track Meet

West HS

End of season track meeting: May 27th @ Wilson 4pm

Main Contact: Debra Moreland - Wilson Middle School

 Revised April 29th, 2014