Odin, Thor, and Loki  

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Odin is the chief of all Norse gods and ruler of the Universe. He is a tall bearded and one-eyed, having exchanged his eye for  wisdom.  Odin has a powerful spear and magical runes and spells.  He is the son of frost giant Bor and the giantess Bestla.  Early in his life he overthrew the primeval giant Ymir and created the world with his remains.  He and other major  Norse deities lived in Asgard which housed Valhalla, where Odin feasted with the spirits of slain warriors.  The warriors trained  for a final showdown known as Ragnarok.       



In Norse mythology Thor  was the manifestation of thunder and god of war.  He is son of the chief god Odin and second to him in importance.  He was armed with a large hammer (Mjolnir), that returned to him after he threw it at his enemies.  He also wore a belt that doubled his strength, and iron gloves that allowed him to use Mjolnir.  He wielded lightning as well and is considered the Norse equivalent to Zeus. He lives in Thruthheim (land of strength) with his wife Sif.  Thor in the German tradtion is known as Donar and Thursday is named after him.      


Loki is a mythical Norse giant. He became a member of the Aesir when Odin made Loki his blood brother. He is the god of mischief, a trickster, and very cunning. After causing the death of Balder, he was bound by the gods until the Ragnarok, at which time, he will be freed. Some believe he was Sataere Germanic god of agriculture and suggest that the name is another name for Loki. However, Norse sources have no references to Sataere or Saturn. Jan De Vries lists the Old English word Sataere as being derived from the word Saturn, thus not a separate deity, and it seems that Njord not Loki is the Norse god that more closely resembles Saturn. Perhaps an association between Njord and Saturn be the cause of Scandinavians using Laugurdag in place of Saturday.

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