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Development of the Third World

The map above shows the current third world countries that are in the world.

The Third World

The thing most people seem to mistake when looking at global economy is the division of power. The world's countries are divided into three different clasifications, first world countries, second world countires, and third world countries. However, contrary to popular believe, first world countries do not hold as much power as the appear too.
One has to realize that for a unit of government to function, all the players most perform their role. Third world countries are the largest producers of raw materials, and their trades with First and Second world countries are what really turn the tides of global eceonomy. However this relationship is comparable to the rich benefiting from the poor, and if we want to reach a world utopia this cycle must stop. We study the developing of third world countries to end their sufferings and to try to achieve the goal of a perfect world.

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