Terrorism Multiple Choice Questions

1.)   Which of the following would not constitute terrorism?


a.     The gassing of individuals who did not comply with a governments demands

b.     The holding of threats over citizens’ heads by a government, forcing them to act as the state wishes

c.      Authorization of the assassination of a government leader by a militant group

d.     Fabricating evidence against someone who is not guilty of a crime to make it look as if they are

e.     The launching of missiles at a country with no apparent justification


2.)   Who is the alleged terrorist organization behind the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center?


a.     Taliban

b.      Hamas

c.  Al Qua’ida

d.  A Jazira

e.  None of the bove


3.)   Which nation did the US launch an attack on for their harboring of the terrorist organization that caused September 11?


a.     Pakistan

b.     Egypt

c.      Palestine

d.     Saudi Arabia

e.     Afghanistan


4.)   Which of the following nations is NOT one that has been known to engage in State-sponsored terrorism?


a.     China

b.     Cuba

c.      North Korea

d.     Iraq

e.     Lebanon


5.)   September 11 was the __________ terrorist attack on American soil.


a.     only

b.     one of two

c.      largest

d.     b and c

e.     None of the above choices


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