Notes in World History

*Some of these notes are taken from the website accompanying the World Civilizations book by Peter Stearns.


Prehistory      Mesopotamia     Egypt

Near East      Ancient India     Ancient China

Classical Age      The Greeks      The Romans

Post Classical       Byzantium      Middle Ages

Tang China      PC Asia      Islam

PC India        Renaissace/Reformation      Japan

Exploration        16th C. Europe      The Ottomans

Absolutism        Enlightenment     *Mongols, etc...

Revolutions in Europe        Napoleon     German Unification

 19th C. Europe        Imperialism     World War I

  20th Century World        World War II      *20th C. Latin America

*20th C. in Afr. & Asia         The Cold War     Decolonization

         *Arab-Israeli Conflict      *Industrialization

Euro. History Review

AP World History Review


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