Higher Ground

Higher Ground

Higher Ground Program is an alternative program located at Valley Packaging Industries, Inc., and provides 11th and 12th grade students that are credit-deficient with an alternative path to earn a high school diploma through flexible/accelerated instruction and employment.

Vocational readiness is emphasized.

Program Goal

Provide students the opportunity to earn their high school diploma through flexible instruction tailored to meet individual student needs. Also provides students with academic, vocational and social/behavioral skills to graduate from high school and gain competitive employment or volunteer.

At-Risk Criteria

Primarily 11th and 12th graders

  • Students considered at-risk of not completing high school due to credit deficiency, truancy, lack of motivation, inability to relate to authority, health concerns, and/or academic problems
  • Geared towards meeting the needs of students who require more intensive intervention than can be provided by the home high school’s at-risk program

Access to Program

  • Complete application process
  • IEP team determination that includes the student and/or parent
  • Designated school personnel make recommendations, determine if student meets criteria and coordinates the necessary contacts, materials and other resources