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Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) Program

The Achievement Gap Reduction (AGR) Program, formerly known as Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE), was established in the 2015-16 school year by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

The AGR program allows a participating school to meet the obligations of its five-year contract by implementing one of three strategies, or a combination of these strategies in every kindergarten through grade three classroom:

  • one−to−one tutoring provided by a licensed teacher;
  • instructional coaching for teachers provided by a licensed teacher; or
  • maintaining 18:1 or 30:2 classroom ratios and providing professional development on small group instruction.

The AGR program requires a participating school to create performance objectives, including reducing the achievement gap between low−income students in that school and students in the same grade and subject statewide.

The AGR program also requires school board review of implementation and progress toward achieving performance objectives in each participating school at the end of every semester.