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Cooperative Academic Partnership Program 

Enrolling in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Cooperative Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) courses is a convenient and affordable way for high school students to earn concurrent high school and college credit while developing key skills for future success.

In CAPP courses students experience the challenge of college curriculum while in a high school environment, which:

  • sets them apart from other college applicants
  • gives them the opportunity to register earlier
  • allows them to explore a variety of options while in college
  • provides them a chance to double major and graduate on time
  • lessens their course load
  • helps them graduate early

CAPP students pay less than half the standard per-credit tuition rate with the cost based upon the number of credits assigned to each class. It may also reduce the amount of tuition paid when students get to college because of the courses they can transfer (meaning fewer classes to take in college!)


Recent Courses Offered

  • Accounting 206
  • Business 231
  • Elem/Sec Ed 201
  • French 204
  • French 312
  • Phy Ed 221
  • Spanish 204
  • Spanish 312

Courses offered vary from school to school and may change year to year.