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Request for High School Credit

The review of high school credits will be conducted by an Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction (ACI) administrative-level designee. They will have the task of reviewing applications for courses not previously failed to determine if the self-paid or academic course(s) completed outside the District are eligible for high school credit in required content areas, are eligible for elective credits, or are not appropriate for acceptance of credit toward graduation.

Approval is given for specific courses. Approval must be reassessed whenever course or program changes take place. All approved courses and grades shall be listed on the high school transcript including the crediting institution. Grades shall also be included in the calculation of the student’s overall GPA.

Requests will typically be for:

A. Required Course Selections
In order to substitute a course taken outside the District for one offered by the District, an ACI administrative-level designee must examine the standards and objectives covered. The content must be equal to or exceed the expectations of a typical District high school course in scope and in rigor. If a compacted curriculum is used, the number of instructional hours may not meet the District time equivalent, but the scope and rigor of the course must be comparable.

B. Elective Course Selections
Enrichment courses of high interest to the student may be eligible for credit based upon several factors including those identified below:

  • the qualifications of the instructor and/or reputation/accreditation of the
    institution or organization offering the course;
  • the level of difficulty (rigor) compared to a typical high school course;
  • the content (standards and objectives) taught in the course; and
  • the number of course hours and length of time required to complete the course.

All tuition, books, and other costs and fees are the sole responsibility of the student and/or the parent/guardian. The District does not bear financial responsibility for courses taken.

An original, official grade report/transcript from the sponsoring institution or organization must be submitted to the high school counseling office before credit for an approved course can be granted. The student is responsible to make sure the sponsoring institution has complied with this request.

High school credit is only given to students who have completed their 8th-grade year in school. Courses completed before the end of the 8th-grade year will not be listed on the high school transcript, will not be eligible for credit toward high school graduation, and will not be included in the calculation of the student’s high school cumulative GPA.

It is important that a student verify that the course(s) he/she wishes to take are eligible for credit prior to taking the course if he/she wishes to use the credit for high school graduation. Credit will not be withheld solely for not having pre-approval, but there is always the chance that the course may not meet guidelines for credit in the District.

Request For High School Credit Forms
Request for HS Credit Application Form (pdf)

Students wishing to replace the semester grade of a course already successfully completed by taking a course outside of the district course offerings must receive prior approval through the site administrative team prior to enrolling in the course.