Middle Level Bilingual Immersion Program

Middle Level Bilingual Immersion Program

Updated December 2018: For the past two years, we have initiated plans for a bilingual immersion program in Spanish and English at the middle level. 

This proposed program did not attract enough students to move forward. Based upon a review of the proposed bilingual immersion program at the middle level, we have determined that this program will not be offered as a district program. 

The intended goal of this program will be to provide a bridge to our high school Spanish programs so students do not lose momentum in learning the Spanish language. 

Please look for future communication in February regarding enrollment for the 0-hour class at KA, student proficiency assessments, transportation, and special services. Families should plan to register for 7th grade at their school of choice according to the middle school registration timelines. 
We would like to acknowledge members of the ABS community for their continued advocacy on behalf of our students. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Amy Swick.