Connecting Care Clinic

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We are committed to providing employees with opportunities to improve their health and quality of life and helping to reduce healthcare costs over time. The Connecting Care Clinic aligns with our vision to promote a balanced healthy lifestyle for our employees that encompasses the whole person—mental, social and physical.

The Appleton Area School District/City of Appleton Connecting Care Clinic opened on October 10, 2016.

Connecting Care Clinic services include lifestyle medicine and wellness consults for chronic disease management such as diabetes, high blood pressure, weight, heart disease and others, as well as acute care for illness and immunizations. Services at the Connecting Care Clinic are provided free of charge. 

For more information, please call (920) 225-1467.
Who can utilize the Connecting Care Clinic?
Employees, spouses, dependents 2 years and above as well as retirees, covered by our health plan, are eligible to receive services at the Connecting Care Clinic. To confirm eligibility, please have your insurance card with you when utilizing the clinic. Medicare primary retirees are NOT eligible to use the clinic. This does not include employee work-related injuries.

The Connecting Care Clinic logo was designed by the Willems Student Marketing Team.