School Closure Information

School Closure Information
Posted on 01/17/2024

When the weather is bad, the Appleton Area School District follows a process for deciding if schools will be open or closed. The district must make a decision that is the best for all students. We encourage and strongly support you in making the decision that is best for your child(ren). You are always the best judge of your child’s health and safety.

If you do decide to keep your child(ren) home on a day when school is in session, please be sure to contact your child’s school to report the absence.

What is the process for deciding when schools are open or closed due to snow and/or ice?

District staff members review the weather conditions beginning early in the morning at 4:00 a.m. School district staff check to see if all buildings are accessible for both students and staff.

We also consult with Lamers Bus Lines and Valley Transit to see if buses will be able to travel safely to and from school. We may also consult with the Appleton Department of Public Works and Outagamie County Highway Department as needed.

Every effort will be made to make the decision whether to close schools by 6:00 a.m. or earlier, and then communicated to all local news outlets and posted on the district’s website and social media.

How can I find out if schools are closed?

On days when the weather is bad, listen to any local radio or television station for information about school closings. You can also check the district's website and the district’s social media. The district will also utilize Infinite Campus alerts with robocalls, emails, and text messages, or a combination in an effort to reach all families. Please ensure that your Infinite Campus contact preferences are up to date. 

When are schools closed because of extreme cold?

When the National Weather Service has a wind chill WARNING (wind chills 35 below or colder for more than one hour) for the Appleton area in effect for the time just before the school day begins, we will make a decision if our schools should close. It is likely we will make this type of closing decision on the morning of the day in question.

What are the guidelines for winter recess?

We use the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart to ensure that all schools have the same guidelines as to when it’s safe and not safe for students to go outside. All schools have the leeway to make a site decision based on local knowledge and what they deem appropriate for a given situation.

The dark blue area is the danger zone and students should not be sent outside when temperatures fall into this range. The light blue area is the safe zone when students can be sent outside.

What is the process for a two-hour delay?

On days when the decision is made to implement a two-hour delay, K-12 school will begin exactly two hours later and all morning 4K, Early Childhood, and Title I Preschool classes would be canceled.

When schools are closed, are all activities for the day canceled?

When Appleton schools are closed for the day, it also means that all activities scheduled in school buildings for that day are canceled. This includes all AASD programs and all after-school programs.

Should weather conditions improve dramatically during the course of the day, high school co-curricular activities may be held. An announcement through local media and our website will communicate that information.

Why are schools generally not dismissed early on days when the weather is bad?

In many of our families, adults work outside the home and they have no childcare arrangements available before the end of the school day. However, if your schedule allows and if you feel your child(ren) will be safer at home, you can pick your child(ren) up before the end of the school day. If you choose to do so, go to the school office and request that your child(ren) be dismissed to you.