COVID Screening & Exposure

Home Screening Expectations
Daily symptom screening will be expected for all students and staff.  Families will be asked to continue to be vigilant in checking the health of their students each morning.

Screening & Illness Guide

Guía De Exámenes Y Enfermedades Para Estudiantes/Personal

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If students/staff have any symptoms of COVID-19, it is strongly encouraged that they get tested.

What test results are accepted by the AASD?
The District accepts negative and positive antigen or PCR test results. Positive home test results will also be accepted. Negative home test results are not accepted.

Area Testing Locations

COVID-19 Mitigation: Summer 2022
Beginning June 6, 2022, we will discontinue the use of the COVID protocols as laid out in our current Mitigation Protocols. Given the limited amount of cases within our school buildings as well as out in the community, we will no longer track COVID-specific cases and will not maintain a COVID dashboard on our website. 

With summer school being at a time in which more ventilation can be leveraged as well as outdoor learning spaces utilized, it is an appropriate time to resume our more traditional approach to student illness and injury care. Masks will continue to be optional and we will honor those students, staff, and families that wish to wear their masks while on AASD property. 

As recommended by Dr. Chuck Sepers, our City of Appleton Public Health Officer, we will encourage families to stay updated on the City of Appleton’s website as it relates to testing locations, our community level, and COVID-19 prevention steps.