Grade Level Lessons

Academic and Career Planning: An Ongoing Process
At each grade level, students will utilize the Xello software tool to implement their goal setting and planning by developing and/or revising their personal Academic & Career Plan (ACP) with guidance from adult mentors (staff, counselors, parents).

This is meant to be a gradual process that builds from one year to the next and supports the unique development of each student. Student goals and plans are expected to change annually based on their personal experiences.

Know - Explore - Plan - GoKnow - Who Am I?

9th Grade ACP Mission
  • Develop an understanding of who you are
  • Understand your top interests 
  • Recognize ways that you learn at your best
  • Establish Goals that you have for yourself as you progress through school and beyond

9th Grade Outcomes/Objectives

  • Learn about post-secondary options
  • Learn about Dual Credit, CAPP, Industry Recognized Credentials, and Work-Based Learning
  • Identify an adult mentor from their personal network
  • Build experiences (work, volunteer, education, and life)
  • Revise Goals and Plans within Xello and connecting it to high school Course Selection

Explore - What Do I Want To Do?

10th Grade ACP Mission 

  • Begin to research careers that are out there that align with your skills and interests
  • Engage in courses that align with those careers 
  • Understand the process of attaining a career
  • Finances
  • Year of experiences 
  • Post-Secondary School

10th Grade Outcomes/Objectives 

  • Creating a resume
  • Building experiences (work, volunteer, education, and life) for their resume
  • Learning about Dual Credit, CAPP, IRC, and Work-Based Learning
  • Review ACP plan within Xello
  • Review graduation status

Plan - How Do I Get There?

11th Grade ACP Mission 

  • Relate high school activities/co-curricular experiences to explore more about career areas of interest  
  • Explore different work-based learning opportunities that align with field of interest 
    Recognize what courses will provide you credit towards post-secondary schooling(dual
  • credits/AP Credits) 
  • Understand the pathway necessary to attain interested career related area
  • Discover what post-secondary training options you have to reach a desired career pathway
  • Be aware of the cost of post-secondary training options 

11th Grade Outcomes/Objectives 

  • Evaluate  and search for  post-secondary opportunities
  • Review assessment results and how they support post-secondary choices
  • Research financial aid options
  • Complete at least one job shadow in an identified career interest area
  • Review graduation status with an adult mentor or school staff
  • Review and updating their four-year plan for high school and beyond


12th Grade ACP Mission 
  • Evaluate different post-secondary options
  • Understand finances for post-secondary options
  • Career Ready - Evaluate where you are and what you need to strive for your academic, career and personal missions
  • Post-Secondary Ready - Evaluate where you are and what you need to do to strive for your academic career and personal missions 

12th Grade Outcomes/Objectives 

  • Participate in a real-world/work-based learning experience within an identified career-focused area
  • Finalize their four-year plan with a financial plan
  • Develop interview skills and finalizing their resume
  • Develop a backup plan
  • Participate in a reflective evaluation of their plan and an exit interview