Nurse Services

The role of the professional school nurse is to collaborate with staff, students, parents, and community resources to promote the well-being of children and teens in order to maximize the potential for learning.


  • Identify and assess student health concerns which may impact learning and intervene as appropriate
  • Develop health plans for students with disabilities and/or health conditions that interfere with learning
  • Provide health counseling to students, families, and district staff
  • Initiate and follow up on referrals to health care providers
  • Train staff providing delegated nursing acts
  • Maintain confidential student health records
  • Act as a school/community/health care provider liaison
  • Collaborate with school staff and community agencies regarding student immunizations.
  • Consult and collaborate with student services and other school staff informally and during building consultation team meetings
  • Participate in special education evaluations and individual education plan meetings for students who have significant health concerns
  • Provide input for the development of school district health policies
  • Develop and implement protocols for emergency care, illness/injury intervention, and medication administration
  • Serve on district and community committees and coalition related to health and wellness


Each school nurse is assigned to several schools in the district. School nurses may be contacted at any of their assigned schools.

Provision of Services

School nurses consult with staff regarding students, observe and interact with students, and provide follow up services without a formal referral or consent. Special assessments and interventions may require parental consent.