Volunteer After School


After school programming at After School Learning Centers is provided, in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club and the YMCA, at nine elementary and two middle schools within the Appleton Area School District. 

Every child needs to know there is an adult they can count on. Your involvement in After School Learning Centers will help the children of our community develop into healthy, successful adults.

Each school has staff to coordinate and manage the after school program, but volunteers are a tremendous help and very appreciated!

High school students are especially encouraged to get involved in this program as volunteer mentors after school.


Comments from high school student volunteers

"I love working with kids and I want to pursue a career in child care or teaching. And, I love giving back! I think it’s important for young people to give back to the community because it shows acts of responsibility. Helping children has helped me realized that it is a passion of mine."  Sara Gerrow

"I love getting to know the kids and having the opportunity to improve their learning skills.  I love seeing the gradual improvement the kids make during their reading time. It brightens my day each time I’m there. They welcome my presence with excitement in their eyes and through their smiles!"   Rachel Jobs

Comments from a Program Site Coordinator

"When teens work with our students, the youth connection is significant.  It’s just another way of getting students excited about their school work. Whether it’s listening to kids read, helping with a complicated math problem or joining in a spirited kick ball game, volunteers help to make our program a place that students want to be.

Some of our volunteers come back a second or third year because they see the potential in our students and they build lasting bonds. For some teens, their time with us has been the impetus for a career in education. Wide smiles and sometimes hugs greet the high school students when they come to volunteer for our after school program. We are a vibrant program because of the commitment of these motivated teens."    Scott Peeples

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