About Our Program



Provide resources that help to empower our students to want to learn and succeed! 


Engage community members through a well-established volunteer network; becoming one of the premier school districts in the nation in volunteer assisted academic programming.

How do we work with Educators?

We actively collaborate with principals, teachers and district literacy staff to ensure our programs are aligned with and support the important work that is happening in the classroom.

Many factors contribute to the success of our programs, including a strong commitment and support on the part of school and district leadership and teachers, as well as volunteers and resources from the surrounding community.

Teachers select the students to participate in the program by determining those students that need additional help, or students who could benefit from a one-on-one relationship with an adult or are not being served through other programs. 

What parents should know

Our tutoring programs engage volunteers from throughout the community to read or work on math concepts one-on-one with selected elementary students each week. If your child is selected to participate, he or she will attend up to five 30-minute sessions each week.

We strive to maintain consistent volunteers so that your child can benefit from positive adult mentorship and build relationships with these volunteers throughout the school year. 

  • Could benefit from increased confidence
  • Needs additional practice (reading or working through math strategies/problems)
  • May not qualify to take part in other special interventions
  • Could benefit from a one-on-one positive adult relationship