Elementary School Co-Curriculars

Why Now?

It's never too early to introduce students to co-curriculars and that's why AASD has implemented a series of great option at the elementary level. This is the time when kids start developing their individuality. It's also the start of building their cognitive and academic skills. Co-curriculars can help!

What's the Value?

As this Scholastic article shows, getting involved in co-curriculars at a young age has a positive effect on academic performance, gets students more engaged and also arms youngsters with confidence. Other reasons to encourage your elementary schooler to participate in co-curriculars include:

  • Make new friends
  • Be part of a team
  • Explore different interests
  • Develop talents
  • Acquire time management skills

What Are the Options?

There are a variety of fun activities to try at the grade school level. Find your child's elementary school to see what exciting opportunities are in store! Offerings may include things like:

  • Art Club
  • Geography Bee
  • Intramurals
  • Library Helpers
  • Safety Patrol
  • Student Council
  • Technology Club

Looking for Co-Curricular options at your elementary school?

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