Appleton Charter Schools

You Have Choices in the AASD
To fully compare school options and make informed selections we encourage our families to engage with ALL of the schools that interest them.

Charter schools in Appleton are all unique in their mission and offer various programming such as environmental education; engineering; fine arts; Montessori education - to name a few.

Charter schools encourage innovation and creativity in their approach to providing additional educational options for families and students.

Explore Our Schools
Visit the school’s website and social media pages or call the front office to learn about virtual or in-person events — an important step to ensure the climate, culture, and academic offerings of a school will meet your student’s needs.

Visit their websites in the sidebar to the left for more information.

Charter schools are public, free, nonsectarian schools created through a contract or "charter" between the operators and sponsoring school board. The Wisconsin charter school law gives charter schools freedom from most state rules and regulations in exchange for greater accountability for results. The charter defines the missions and methods of charter school; the chartering authority (school board) holds the school accountable to its charter.

Charter School Facts
• Charter schools are tuition free and enrollment is voluntary
• Charters have the flexibility to design and deliver innovative curriculum in nontraditional ways in order to meet the needs of participating students
• Charters may not discriminate in admissions, programs, or activities
• Students take state tests required of other public school students
• Teachers are certified and licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
• Staff are district employees and subject to all district policies and regulations