Dental Health

Dental Program for Elementary (K-6) Students who Qualify for Free and Reduced Fees 

Focus on the Children

If your preschool, kindergarten and/or elementary school student(s) receive free or reduced cost hot lunch, or have a Forward card from Medicaid (BadgerCare) and DO NOT have dental insurance they are qualified for free dental care.

Children with limited access to dental care will receive oral health screenings at schools, dental cleanings, examinations and x-rays at the clinic and additional dental treatments as needed, either at the Appleton clinic or on the mobile clinic.

By providing free oral health care to children in area school districts through the Focus on the Children program, we will decrease the number of children who need to use dental emergency visits in the future.

With over 100 volunteer dentists, 40 volunteer hygienists, Marquette student dentists, FVTC Hygiene students and dental assisting students, we are able to provide patients with preventative and emergency treatment. Because of this, the current percentage of child emergencies in children who have been in the program for the past 4 years has dropped by 80% in a 14 school pilot school district.

Typical Timeline

Phase I   Takes place in your child’s school

Dental hygienist will: 
o Screen and record the student’s general oral health
o Apply fluoride varnish

Phase II   Takes place at Tri-County Dental Clinic (A chaperoned school bus will transport children to and from their school to the clinic) or on the Dental Bus

Dental Hygienist will:
o Clean your child’s teeth
o Take x-rays
o Place sealants if appropriate
o Apply fluoride varnish
o Children participate in a 30 minute oral health educational program
o A Dentist will do a thorough examination of your child’s teeth, preparing a treatment plan if your child requires fillings and/or other dental work

Children requiring additional treatment will be scheduled in Phase III. Children who are cavity free will be scheduled to repeat Phase II in six months.

o Transportation between the clinic is supervised and included
o Mobile Clinic option to reduce time spent away from the classroom

Contact your child's school office or Tri-County Dental Clinic at (920) 882-5500 x108 with any questions.

Dental Program for Middle and High School Students

Partnership Community Health Center

Partnership Community Health CenterPartnership Community Health Center has teamed up with the Appleton Area School District to provide medical and dental services for middle and high school students. Prior to a student’s first visit, parents must complete the below forms and return them to the appropriate individual (see forms for details).