Summer School Employment

Click here for available Teaching positions at all levels

Teachers Who Taught Last Summer and Would Like to Teach the Upcoming Summer

At the end of summer school, you were asked to complete a form indicating if you wished to teach summer school this summer, if you completed this form and indicated that you wish to return, you do not need to do anything. The Summer School Coordination Specialist will be contacting you via phone or email by early March.

Current Appleton Teachers New to the Summer School Program

Karrie Kadolph

Please email Karrie with the classes you are most interested in from the link above.


To teach Summer School you must hold a valid Initial, Professional, Provisional, or Master Educator and/or Lifetime License in the category of teaching, administration, or pupil service.

Non-Appleton Staff Members

Todd Kadolph

Please click on this link and apply for the Summer School Teacher position.

Once all the above is received and is in good order, after all teachers who taught during the previous summer have been contacted for re-hire and remaining positions have been posted within the AASD, we will be in contact with you. This process should be completed by approximately the end of March.

Teachers will be called in the order in which we received the completed work. Please remember, it is your responsibility to check with your references and make certain that they have followed through to send the email recommendations.