Tutoring Resources

Appleton Public Library/Life Tools Foundation
The Appleton Public Library partners with Life Tools Foundation to offer one-on-one, in-person tutoring with highly skilled tutors. This is available to any K-12th grade student for any subject area. 

Registration is required and the 30-minute time slot recurs every Tuesday OR Thursday at the designated time until Dec 16. When you register for one, you register for them all. Head to apl.org/calendar to find available slots for registration.

Volunteers in Tutoring At Lawrence (VITAL)
The Volunteers in Tutoring at Lawrence (VITAL) program serves K-12 grade students in the Appleton Area School District. We are committed to ensuring that all tutors and tutees have the most productive and academically effective sessions as possible. VITAL fully commits to providing families with the best tutors to leave tutees in more sound academic standings. Learn more.

Due to COVID-19, the VITAL program will be operating in a hybrid model. Families and volunteers will decide which modality they are comfortable with, and this question will be included in the request form and tutoring application.