School Boundaries

Please see the below maps for general boundary lines for each AASD school.

Attendance boundary: Also known as an attendance zone or catchment area, this is the geographic area from which children are eligible to attend a local school.

As these are general boundaries, we recommend calling the Attendance & Enrollment Office at (920) 852-5308, providing your exact address and confirming that your student will attend the correct school.

The maps are broad boundary lines and some addresses may not belong to the schools marked. 

Below you will find maps for each school's boundaries. 






Neighborhood School Progression

Find out which middle and high school your elementary school feeds into below.

Elementary Middle   High
Badger Elementary
Wilson West
Berry Elementary Madison East
Columbus Elementary Kaleidoscope North
 Dunlap Elementary Wilson West
Edison Elementary Kaleidoscope North
Ferber Elementary Einstein North
 Foster Elementary Madison  East 
Franklin Elementary  Kaleidoscope  North
 Highlands Elementary Wilson  West
 Horizons Elementary Madison  East
 Houdini Elementary Einstein  West
 Huntley Elementary Kaleidoscope & Einstein  North 
 Jefferson Elementary Wilson West
Johnston Elementary  Madison East
McKinley Elementary  Madison  East
Richmond Elementary  Madison  East

Please note that students at elementary and middle charter schools should contact their school to find out their school’s feeder process. All charter school students also have the option to follow their home school attendance area path. 

You may hear your school referred to as a "Feeder school." What does that mean?

Feeder school: A school that generally sends a larger population of its graduating students to a specific middle or high school.