Graduation Requirements

The Appleton Area School District awards high school graduation diplomas to recognize those students who have fulfilled the academic requirements of the District. In order to graduate from high school and to receive a diploma, a student in the District must meet the requirements set out in this policy. The policy requirements are grounded in the District’s standards, curriculum, and Wisconsin State Statute 118.33.

Beginning with the graduating class of 2004, no student may be granted an Appleton Area School District diploma unless the student has been enrolled in a Board-approved activity for each class period of each school day during the high school grades, has satisfied the following criteria, and has been recommended to the School Board for a diploma by the District Superintendent. 

Students in the AASD have access to courses that provide a balanced academic background which meets a broad array of interests and needs. Students in grades 9-12 will be expected to successfully complete those courses (required and elective) necessary to meet the 23 required credits during the high school years as established by the Board and listed in the policy. 

At least 23 high school credits including:

Graduating class of 2017 and beyond

English Language Arts (ELA) - 4.0 Credits
1.0 ELA 9 or *ELA 9
1.0 ELA 10 or *ELA 10
1.0 ELA 11 course option
1.0 ELA 12 course option
Science - 3.0 Credits
1.0 Life Science course option (Biology)
1.0 Physical Science course option (Physical Science, General Chemistry or Chemistry, Earth Science or Physics)
1.0 Science Course Elective
Social Studies - 3.0 Credits
1.0 Civics
1.0 World Studies
1.0 U.S. History
Mathematics - 3.0 Credits
Health - 0.5 Credit
0.5 Health
Fine Arts - 1.0 Credit
(to include: art, music, theater, or humanities when not used for social studies)
Physical Education - 1.5 Credits
0.5 Fit 4 You
Financial Literacy - 0.5 Credit
Elective - 6.5 Credits