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May 2024 Updates

Last fall voters approved both referendum questions on the ballot. One question supported increased staffing and operational costs for our new spaces and the second question approved $130 million for the construction/renovations of our schools.

Below is a more detailed list.  

  • Reduction of Kindergarten-2nd grade class sizes districtwide
  • The hiring of 12 STEM teachers at the elementary level
  • Modernization of our four middle schools, adding capacity to allow for the inclusion of 6th grade, and updating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) areas
  • Building a new elementary school on district-owned property to accommodate enrollment growth on the north side of our district
  • Completing individualized projects at each elementary school to create a STEM space, improve security as needed, and update available spaces
  • Build additions and complete renovations at our three high schools

Sandy Slope Elementary School

See renderings here: Sandy Slope Site PlanBuilding ExteriorClassrooms

The Geothermal Feasibility Study for Sandy Slope has been finalized and we will be proceeding with it as our primary heating/cooling source. We are currently in the permitting process and proceeding with the well drilling in May. AASD is excited to use this sustainable energy solution. 

Construction progress is already evident as we're currently in the process of installing footings, foundations, and site utilities.

Middle School Additions
Construction at each of the middle schools has begun. The middle school projects serve two main purposes: 

  • expanding the buildings to welcome 6th-grade students
  • renovating spaces to accommodate STEM-centered spaces and modernizing other parts of their buildings.

Last fall’s referendum included the move of 6th grade from the elementary schools to the 3 middle schools (Kaleidoscope Academy is already a 6th-8th grade building). The district has been communicating with current 5th and 6th-grade students (next year’s 6th and 7th graders) and their families about the upcoming transition to Madison, Einstein, and Wilson middle schools. To support this process, we have a series of activities and information sessions designed to familiarize students and families with the new academic environment and expectations, including Middle School Family Orientation Nights for 5th and 6th-grade families.  

Middle School staff members have also been visiting 5th and 6th grade elementary classrooms to talk about middle school courses and clubs and share with students their class scheduling options. 

We are committed to providing a supportive and nurturing middle school environment that fosters academic success and a sense of belonging for our students. We believe that with the combined efforts of our schools and families, our 5th and 6th graders will smoothly transition into middle school and thrive in their new environment.  

Read on for more specific progress relating to each middle school building:

Einstein Middle School 
Einstein’s projects include a new cafeteria seating area and a two-story classroom addition. The existing Technical Education Center was remodeled to accommodate the new STEM curriculum. Staff and students began using the new STEM facilities in late October 2023. The new cafeteria also recently started being used. The two-story classroom addition is completed and AASD Facilities Staff is currently installing the furniture. Site work is all that remains for this project.

Kaleidoscope Academy 
KA is undergoing two separate additions to the existing building, along with a remodeled STEM area. This includes a single-story classroom addition and a new auxiliary gymnasium. The main office will also be relocated to enhance building security.

Madison Middle School 
On the north side, a single-story addition adjacent to Calumet Street will include new accessible fitness and orchestra areas, as well as two classrooms. On the southeast side, a two-story classroom addition is being built. The existing STEM rooms are also undergoing remodeling.

Wilson Middle School
Wilson’s projects include a large two-story addition with new classrooms and an auxiliary gymnasium. The existing STEM areas will be redeveloped, and the main office complex will be relocated to improve building security and accessibility for the public. The main office has been relocated and the school has been operating out of it since last winter.  

High Schools

High school project planning has begun and all three high schools have been holding User Group Meetings.

North High School
This project will consist of a new two-story fitness addition which will include two new classrooms. We will also be remodeling interior spaces to construct two additional science labs. The school’s Technology Center will also be undergoing a remodel to better serve the current curriculum. Design plans have been completed and bidding documents are being finalized. Bidding will take place during the month of May 2024 and work is expected to start on the new addition mid-to-late summer.

East High School
This project will consist of a new two-story classroom addition and an expansion and building addition to the fitness center. The project is currently out to bid. Construction is expected to start in July.

West High School
This project will include a new stand-alone indoor turf facility, an outdoor concession stand, and rear parking lot reconstruction.  Design is currently underway and the project is expected to bid out in mid-June.

Elementary School Projects
Planning work at elementary schools is scheduled to start in the summer of 2024. It will focus on various projects, including 

  • establishing STEM spaces in each school
  • enhancing security measures at Ferber and Houdini
  • facilitating the expansion of Classical School (this planning began in fall 2023)

The Classical School project is the one exception that has already been planned and designed. This project includes a (7) classroom addition and minor interior remodel work. It will be out for bid in early May with work expected to begin by mid-summer.