21-22 School Year

The Appleton Area School District has established protocols for mitigating the spread of COVID-19 while prioritizing the continuity of in-person, academic, and social-emotional learning for all students five days a week.

Minimizing social disruption for students, families, and staff and utilizing layered mitigation strategies will be the focus this fall.

These strategies are based on the following factors: community transmission, vaccination rates, internal case data, and availability of testing in schools. We have also reviewed guidance from the district’s medical advisor and CDC/DHS/Local Public Health Guidance.

The District Leadership Team will collaborate with public health officials to review cases and data on a continuous basis with a representative school nurse to discuss trends and mitigation strategy implementation to address any increased transmission of COVID-19. 

Flexibility within recommended protocols may be needed in order to achieve our goals. If an adjustment to mitigation strategies is needed, they will be targeted and responsive to the specific situation within our classrooms, schools, programs, or facilities. If needed, any updated expectations will be communicated to staff and families as soon as possible.

Find our in-person expectations here.