COVID-19 Dashboard

The goal of the AASD COVID-19 Dashboard is to provide transparency of daily counts of positive COVID-19 cases and quarantines for students and staff that have been contact-traced by our school nurses or AASD designee within the household of a positive AASD case.

This information will be used by our District Leadership Team in collaboration with public health officials, medical advisors, and AASD school nurses to review cases and data on a continuous basis to discuss trends and monitor the effectiveness of our mitigation strategy implementation.

Mobile Version

The COVID-19 Dashboard may take a moment to load. For the most up to date data, please refresh your browser.

The Dashboard only includes confirmed, positive cases of COVID-19 in our AASD staff or students as reported to the District. A current positive case indicates that an individual has been tested and confirmed positive. The number of quarantines will also be listed on the Dashboard.

As a reminder, contact tracing is only conducted for AASD household members of the positive case. A current quarantine case indicates that an individual AASD student or staff member has been ordered to quarantine because they are a household member of a COVID-19 positive individual who is an AASD staff member or student.

If a person in quarantine tests positive for COVID-19, they would be removed from the quarantine case count and added to the positive case count. Current positive cases are removed as students and staff return to school/work. Other illnesses/absences are not documented within the Dashboard.

Data is entered and updated by 6:00 p.m. each school day (M-F). All COVID-19 cases and quarantines confirmed over the weekend, no school days, or holidays will be added on Monday or the next regular school day.